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From : A Video Webcam Feed, on the A537 Cat & Fiddle Road, Macclesfield to Buxton -  in the High Peak, Derbyshire
Thank you 
to Andrew Needham, and Jeff Slack, for their support and assistance, in setting up this Camera.

The camera, situated at a height of 366 metres (1200 feet), above sea level, looks down the A54/A537 Cat & Fiddle road, at the Buxton end, just below the end of the specs speed cameras, towards the A53 Leek Road junction - Traffic left to right is heading Southwards, up the A54 Leek Road.  Traffic coming towards you, is heading Westwards, up the A537 Cat & Fiddle towards Macclesfield/Congleton.
If you leave this page on your screen - the snapshot of the road below, is refreshed every 30 seconds.



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